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East Grange Multi Activity Centre

East Grange is a family run farm in Moray, which has evolved into a multi activity centre with accommodation, restaurant and live music venue. Things to do include:

Quad Biking

Quad bike through winding trails accompanied by an experienced instructor. Take on steep drops, bumps and humps. Routes dependent on your group’s skill levels to maximise the fun.

Dirt Karting

If you’ve tried the tarmac version then you’ll enjoy the extra adrenaline rush of off road Dirt Karting. Test your driving skills to the limit.

Laser Tag

Pull on your full combat suits and get ready to test your wits and skills against your fellow combatants using sophisticated infra red weapons.

Archery & Shooting

As well as being an Olympic sport, archery is a fun family activity. There’s an instructor on hand to help you hit the target. Shooting activities are also available.

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